J Boog

Nicknamed “Boog” as a child because of his inability to stay still, J Boog is a devoted music student who collaborates and records constantly. He also channels this restless energy into his unique sound, which blends classic reggae with R&B, hip-hop, and rock. 

From a young age, his sister’s piano playing and singing introduced him to music, and he sang along with Bob Marley’s songs from a book. J Boog has toured around the world, promoting his message of music as the universal language while demonstrating his humility and commitment to his family and culture

Upcoming Events

I Could Use a Beach Hawaiian Islands Tour: Maui

da Playground

I Could Use a Beach Hawaiian Islands Tour: Kauai

Anaina Hou Community Park

I Could Use A Beach Hawaiian Islands Tour: Oahu

HB Social Club

Leihoku Fest

The Cuthbert Amphitheate

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